Lobby Activities:
pre_show_family_activity.jpgBefore some events for family audiences, we provide free pre-show activities for children. Often, community groups will participate and lead activities that are related to themes in the show.



pre_show_discussion.jpgThe UIS Performing Arts Center is happy to work with local organizations to plan special activities. In recent years we have worked with the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois to create custom interactive pre-show learning experiences.


Broadway Discussions:
Prior to every Broadway show, audience members are invited to join us for a pre-show dinner with food themed around the show. Dinners are co-hosted by the FRIENDS of UIS Performing Arts Center and the UIS Alumni SAGE Society. Following the dinner, a UIS faculty member or other content expert conducts a pre-show presentation in the UIS Studio Theatre, providing additional context for the show for interested members of the audience.

Angel Tickets:
Through our Angel Ticket program, local non-profi¬t social service organizations are given tickets they can distribute to the people they serve who would normally be unable to attend our events due to their social or ¬financial situation. 

In 2019/2020, a total of 229 tickets were donated to 13 organizations.

To inquire about Angel tickets for your organization, contact Betsy O’Brien at eobri4@uis.edu.

Fundraising Donations:
To help support the efforts of non-pro¬fit organizations in our community, we regularly give away tickets for use in fundraising activities. 

In 2019/2020 a total of 100 tickets were donated to 42 organizations.

To inquire about donated tickets for your organization, contact Betsy O’Brien at eobri4@uis.edu.

More Information

For more information about any of these activities, or if you have an idea for working with the UIS Performing Arts Center, please contact Betsy O'Brien at (217) 206-6150 or eobri4@uis.edu.